Monday, October 12, 2015

Beauty for Ashes.

So of course I'm excited. Of course I'm counting down the days until I leave for, what I hope will be, one of the most life changing experiences of my life. I fully expect to be humbled in ways I've never imagined.  

For example, I got an email from our team leader a couple of days ago and it said this:

"We've been asked for a few specific donations, but I learned yesterday of a new ministry we are going to visit - it's a baby home run by a couple who are brought infants that are abandoned in the trash. They have about 30 babies right now and while our team has been asked to visit, love on the babies and encourage the couple running it I'm sure they could also use any of the typical items babies need from diapers and formula to bottles, creams, powders, soap, etc. We've also been asked for children's tylenol (both in liquid and tab form)."

Did you catch that? The in the trash part? I know things like this happen everywhere. I'm not oblivious to the children that are done wrong around us. I'm really not. But I can't imagine seeing a baby in the trash anywhere. Not in the US and not in Africa. Nowhere.

This kind of tragedy makes me think of Isaiah 61:3.. "to give unto them beauty for ashes." 

To be able to go and love on these babies, encourage the couple that has taken it upon themselves to do something to help out, even though they don't have everything they need at arm's length.. it makes me feel guilty. 

So of course I'm excited, still. I'm so ready to be hugging kids, taking pictures, praying I don't get malaria, challenging myself to be grateful for things I take for granted. I'm ready for that. But I'm afraid I won't be ready for all that I'll see. I know it's going to change the world I live in. I know I'm going to be more aware of the things I don't deserve. And I'm glad. I'm ready for my world to be rocked by kids who have no idea that they're going to take part in such a thing.

And so, if you have anything you'd like to donate, please get ahold of me and let me know. (870-615-1017// It's not all about money to these people. Sometimes it's just about bottles and diapers. 

**also, a gigantic THANK YOU to everyone who has sent in any amount of donation.  If you have $2, I'd never turn that down. 

Here's the donation link, in case you've been telling yourself that you'll "do it later." ;) 
I know you people. 


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